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The Future of Data

Unify your knowledge and data in Limitless. Everything is a page with a template (like "person"), properties (like "age"), and relationships (like "friends with") with other pages.

The Future of Apps

Most apps only work for particular types of data, like customers (CRMs) and restaurants (Yelp). Replace them with Limitless' general-use data views and automations.

The Future of the Web

Most of the internet is undiscoverable, low-quality text. Knowledge in Web 10 is organized by default (with help from AI) and quality checked (with help from crowdsourcing).

The Future of AI

AI is a long way from being safe and useful. Limitless AI is intertwined with Web 10 for knowledge and reasoning, enabling it to reliably perform knowledge work for users.

Preview Limitless

Limitless is targeting on an alpha launch in 2024. In the meantime, here are a few examples of upcoming features that represent core ideas in Web 10!


Knowledge, not just data.

Backlinks are out, and meaningful relationships are in. Limitless is the first serious knowledge app that supports named relationships.

Understand how pages are related

Visualize relationships in graphs

Filter by relationship, and much more


Internet quality over quantity.

Limitless supports reputation-weighted voting based on prior accuracy, so that information shared with team members, contributed to wikis, and published on the internet at large is as useful as possible.

Enable users to justify contributions and votes

Automatically approve contributions based on voting

Track contribution and voting history, and much more

Learn more from Web 10 thought leaders

These individuals have pushed forward the design and technological innovations that make Limitless and the vision for Web 10 possible; click the links to read more

Multi-Model Databases

The data model that inspires our representation of all knowledge

Developed by Luca Garulli

Item-Based OS

The operating system model that inspires our ability to replace apps

Developed by Alex Obenauer

Consensus Knowledge

The collective knowledge model that inspires our next version of the web

Developed by Dariusz Dacko

Cognitive Architectures

The thinking model that inspires our development of beneficial AI

Advanced by Seth Herd

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These are our intended plans for Limitless. Stay tuned for updates!

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